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STRIFE! [Rose Lalonde] by Mitsuki-Aizawa
STRIFE! [Rose Lalonde]
[Tumblr Photoset]

Lately every time I upload cosplays to Tumblr I lose followers. (=w=; I end up gaining more followers on the long run, but yeah. It's frustrating.
But even if nobody were to be interested in my cosplays I'd keep cosplaying as what I want because even though I appreciate all the support you guys give me, that's the point of cosplaying!

Rose Lalonde: :iconmitsuki-aizawa:
Photographer: :iconvhaltz:
When my eyes run out of light [Terezi Pyrope] by Mitsuki-Aizawa
When my eyes run out of light [Terezi Pyrope]

I had been wanting to take a picture like this for so long (TwT)
Also, this was my first time cosplaying in more than two months! I've been studying a lot orz

Terezi Pyrope: :iconmitsuki-aizawa:
Photographer: :iconvhaltz:
Reflection [Aranea Serket] by Mitsuki-Aizawa
Reflection [Aranea Serket]

So I haven't been uploading pictures on dA recently because I always upload from and it's not working properly. YAY

Anyways this picture is from a while ago but I never finished editing it. I love how Vhaltz took it, it's super beautiful <3
I'll be back there to have a photoshoot again, that park has a lot of space and cool places to take pictures at!

Oh and I recently made an Instagram account! Please check it~

Aranea Serket: :iconmitsuki-aizawa:
Photographer: :iconvhaltz:
Together Forever [Homestuck God Tiers] by Mitsuki-Aizawa
Together Forever [Homestuck God Tiers]

It's been almost two years since I first began to plan this group cosplay. We've been through a lot and it seemed impossible to get us all together, but we finally made it happen! <3

I ended up making 4 of the cosplays in this group (mine [Nepeta], Sollux, Equius and Kanaya) and helping in others. It was a lot of effort.

Karkat Vantas: Mercalcu
Aradia Megido: Apeirophobical
Tavros Nitram: BLooDy-TeaRs-PanThEr
Sollux Captor: Vhaltz
Nepeta Leijon: Mitsuki-Aizawa
Kanaya Maryam: Eli
Terezi Pyrope: Tetra
Vriska Serket: Lexa-Yume
Equius Zahhak: Dm-nt
Gamzee Makara: twistedbrain-Eidan
Eridan Ampora: MarinayHelena (Marina)
Feferi Peixes: MarinayHelena (Helena)

Photographer: Kitthehedgehog
Edit: Tetra
Rogue of Heart [Nepeta Leijon] by Mitsuki-Aizawa
Rogue of Heart [Nepeta Leijon]

My titles keep getting less and less interesting wwwwwwwwww

It's been so long since I last finished a Homestuck cosplay! I've never stopped wearing Homestuck cosplay and taking pictures because I love Homestuck, but for a while I didn't sew much and I didn't feel like making any new Homestuck cosplay in particular. Now I'm glad I finished this~

Nepeta Leijon: :iconmitsuki-aizawa:
Photographer: :iconvhaltz:
Hello everyone \(owo)/

The next event where I'll attend is still a month away and I'm almost finished with Meulin, which I'll be wearing at a cosplay group with many friends~♥

That means that I'm most likely to have enough time to finish another cosplay. But I don't know which one;;; So, I wanted to ask you:

Should I make God Tier Aranea or Velvet Rose first?

I will end up making both as I want to make all of Aranea's and Rose's outfits, they're my first and second favourite characters <3 But which one should I focus on to wear at the next event? I really can't decide, so it would be awesome if you could help me (>_<)

Thanks in advance! =^^=
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Greetings! I'm Mitsuki Aizawa.
This is my cosplay account. You'll see a lot of Homestuck and Touhou here~

I've been making my own cosplays for two years. I enjoy coming up with my own ways to make clothes and props by myself.

Thanks for stopping by! All support is appreciated <3

Please, don't repost my pictures on Tumblr. Instead, you can reblog them from my blog.
You may repost my pictures elsewhere as long as you credit the cosplayers in the picture and the photographer and/or link back to the original source.

My Tumblr
Instagram account

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